Krézinu gives back

Krézinu is a friend of the Susan G. Komen Foundation ®. We are partenered to end Breast Cancer. Stay strong. We are fighting with you all for a cure.



What is Power to Lift®?


Power to Lift is an initiative between Krézinu and the Power to Lift Organization to spread strength, hope, and support. We believe that there is great power in each of us to brighten our own and someone else's day no matter how hard the day may seem. Inspired by the power and beauty within each of us, Krézilets were created as symbols to show someone you care.


What are Krézilets®?


Krézilets are moldable bands that serve as bracelets or hair ties for girls and women of all ages. Match Krézilets to your favorite outfit or accessorize your hair-do. We use the softest material to ensure no wrips, tangles, damage, or unnecessary pressure is applied to your hair. Keep more of the hair you have looking stronger, fuller and stronger.


How does it work?


A package comes with two Krézilets. The idea is, you keep a Krézilet and you give a Krézilet to someone you care about. Every time you look, touch, or use the band, it is a reminder of the strength you have to LIFT yourself and others. We believe that even the smallest act of kindness can cause great impact.


What do Krézilets do?


Krézlilets signify a source of strength for yourself, your family, your friends, and even strangers. You choose the meaning and magnitude behind the impact. It can be as simple as fixing a bad hair day, making someone smile or giving a band to someone in serious need. You decide.

Wear it on your wrist or in your hair to show unity.


You have the POWER. Who will you LIFT?


Share your inspirational stories, pictures and videos with us via email at and on social media. Use #mypowertolift to leave your mark.