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Krézilets (Includes 3)
Krézilets (Includes 3)
Krézilets (Includes 3)
Krézilets (Includes 3)

Krézilets (Includes 3)


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  • Send a powerful message to a friend, loved-one, stranger, or someone in need.
  • Easy- no-wrip technology helps you hold your hair in style, without any un-needed pressure.
  • We use soft material to avoid wrips, tangels, and hair damage.


Krézilets are moldable bands that serve as bracelets or hair ties for people of all ages. Match Krézilets to your favorite outfit or accessorize your hair-do. We use the softest material to ensure no wrips, tangles, damage, or unnecessary pressure is applied to your hair. Keep more of the hair you have. All Krézilets come with a word that signifies strength.

Krézilets (Includes 3)

Krézilets (Includes 3)



 is clinically proven to promote healthier, thicker, fuller, volumious looking hair fast.


Krézinu is proud to dedicate a portion of sales to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation and its work helping patients suffering from breast cancer and advancing breast cancer research.

Free of Parabens

Our products are 100% non-toxic and do not include GMO’s, DEA’s, sulfates, triclosans, phthalates, or dyes.

Cruelty Free

Our products are never tested on animals.

Made In The USA

With the best ingredients sustainably sourced globally.