Get Smart: 7 Hair Facts You Should Know

Posted by Nour Kawa

When it comes to getting great hair, Krézinu is here to help.  With formulas designed to enhance the natural hair cycle, your hair and scalp are infused with the best, most natural ingredients for the ultimate health, and beauty of each individual hair strand.   We receive hundreds of questions from around the country each week.  Here are a few of our top picks we thought you would like to know!
Why is strong hair important?
Strong hair is less prone to breakage, and more receptive to style and manageability.  By strengthening your hair, you promote its elasticity, and help your hair to acquire longer length as the hair is healthier with less breakage or splitting.
Does color treating your hair make it thicker?
Color and highlights can help plump your hair strands, and as color gives contrast, also give the illusion of thicker hair due to the depth of color.  Always choose gentle color options fine, brittle or thinning hair.
How much hair is normal to lose on a daily basis?
50-100 hairs per day is normal, which can look like a small amount, or a little more based on the thickness and length of your hair.   Clean your brush daily to monitor normal hair shedding.  Also, look for breakage.  If you are finding shorter pieces of hair in your sink or on your brush, you will want to make sure you have a strengthening regimine in place for your hair.
How do I make my hair shiny again?
Naturally shiny hair is a combination of the health and smoothness of the hair shaft, and natural oils that travel from the scalp to the end of the hair and promote shine.  Place a strand of hair between your thumb and forefinger, and gently and slowly run it down the length of the hair from root to tip.  You will feel the difference between smooth hair, and when the hair becomes rough.  Rough hair is evidence of breakage, which diminishes shine.  Also, if you have a dry scalp, natural oils may not be present to help promote shiny hair.    To correct the issue of non-shine, the most important practices are to keep your hair and scalp healthy.  Choose gentle products high in treatment properties and natural oils.
How do I know if my hair is weak?
Weak hair is defined by hair lacking structural proteins and lipids.  The visible result of this is hair that looks dull, and is prone to breakage.   If you are finding shorter hairs on your clothing, or in the sink, or noticing more hair than usual in your shower drain or brush, these indicate hair that needs strength.
How does dieting affect your hair?
There are many diets that promote fast, aggressive weight loss.  When you are losing more than 5% of your body weight in a short amount of time, this can affect the hair in the form of advanced shedding.  Your body is going through dramatic change, and that process can trip the hair cycle. Once you normalize your weight, your hair will also normalize, and start to grow at its normal rate.  If you know you are going to be dieting, take an excellent multi-vitamin, and try 5000mg of biotin daily to help prevent any change in your hair.
Why should you want healthy looking hair?
A healthy head of hair looks youthful. Shiny, bouncy, smooth hair looks and feels great, and is an amazing compliment to one's beauty.  Chemical processing, diet, daily treatments and lifestyle can affect the health and healthy appearance of your hair, so be mindful of your care routine and ensure your hair is getting what it needs daily (moisture, strength, shine) to look its very best.
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